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Infrared Cameras for Home Inspection

Using Infrared Cameras on your home inspection   What do infrared cameras do? The first thing you need to understand is that infrared cameras are just fancy thermometers; they translate surface temperatures of objects into colors thereby creating an image comprised of temperature differentials. They do not allow us to see through walls (or clothing,

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Common issues in the first year of a new home

What is happening to my new home?!!! Your new home will go through a lot of changes during the first year – many of which are “growing pains” or more accurately “shrinking pains”.  Most builders realize that there will be issues that occur the first year and when pointed out will correct them. It is

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Common Issues found during Pre-drywall and New Home Construction Inspections

Every week I hear home buyers say that they do not need a home inspection on a new construction because both the builder and the county code enforcement officers have gone through the house and have given their OK.  Most if not all of issues or concerns in the following list were found after builder

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