Is Your Dream Home a Fixer-Upper in Disguise?

Is Your Dream Home a Fixer-Upper in Disguise?

Schedule a pre-purchase home inspection to find out in Durham, Cary or Surronding Areas

You’ve walked through the house and your offer has been accepted, but do you really know what you’re buying into? The Right Home Inspection Services, LLC offers pre-purchase home inspections to help you identify any unexpected costs or damages before your closing date.

Getting a detailed report allows you to renegotiate your purchase price or ask the current homeowners to make needed repairs. It also provides you with peace of mind, since you’ll know the true condition of the home you’re thinking about buying. Call 919-602-0161 today to schedule a pre-purchase home inspection in the Durham, NC area.

We can give you peace of mind about your purchase

We provide home inspection services seven days a week for your convenience. We recommend that you attend the inspection so our home inspector can answer any questions you may have during the process. A home inspection typically takes about three to four hours.

Benefits of a home inspection include:

  • Feeling confident in your purchase
  • Knowing about any potential safety issues
  • Getting information about the age of appliances and the HVAC system

All our home inspection reports are digitized and made available online through HomeGauge. Contact The Right Home Inspection Services, LLC to inspect the home you’re planning to buy.