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We understand sometimes you need a home inspection done fast or during times that are not considered convenient. That’s why our Real Estate agent customers love us!

If you ever find yourself in a bind and needing a home inspection, you can count on us!

Your clients depend on you to make the home purchase a smooth experience. They expect your team of experts to be professional and reliable. When the closing date nears, you want someone you can turn to who will get the job done at a moment’s notice. But just as important is that the inspection is thorough and complete.

Happy Customers

Another great job with my (First Time) Home Buyers. Ken understands building and construction and at the same time he understands what is going on in the minds of first time home buyers. I never have to worry about Ken using "scare tactics" or trying to impress folks with knowledge that doesn't necessarily apply to the situation with which we are confronted. Ken shares information that is useful in the real world and makes sure they understand the points that should not be overlooked as well as makes sure that the items that are simply for them to "keep on their radar" don't become overblown in their minds. This is crucial for folks who may be getting a rude introduction to home care all at once. They are searching for things they can understand and grasp and sometimes just "lock in" on things that truly are inconsequential. Thanks for a great job once again!



Ken is very knowledgeable, thorough, diplomatic, considerate, flexible and efficient. He adheres to the highest standards of integrity, has a great sense of humor, and provides a great value. His reports include video links explaining FAQs and showing how homeowners can easily repair many commonly found items on inspections. Even though he has been building/repairing homes for 60 years, he always wants to know more, and is happy to look up topics where he thinks his answer is less complete than it could be. His paramount objective is helping prospective homebuyers know what they are getting in a home, what to worry about, and what to not worry about. I am confident that, if you hire him, you'll be very happy with the results.

J. F.


Kenneth brings a unique perspective to the table. As a former Real Estate Broker - Ken knows how to communicate with my clients and level with them on any concerns he may discover - while not scaring them half to death. This is very important when clients are considering an older home (which may very well have some serious issues). He has "bailed me out" on more than one occasion when I needed a home inspected on a tight time frame. Always careful and observant - he hasn't missed anything yet! Thanks for superior work at a reasonable price Ken!!